We use state of the art CAD software to ensure precise design and attention to detail. Our production facility at Inguleburn NSW is large enough to handle even the most demanding time schedule and our processes ensure quality, competitive pricing and elegant design – every time.

We can build to your specifications or alternatively our design team can develop a unique, yet cost effective, set of Steel stairs to suit your individual requirements if it is for fire escape stairs or commercial sets for factory use . The flexibility of high quality steel, along with our experienced designers, allows us to achieve impressive and often unusual stair designs. Our designer range of stairs tends to suit those people seeking an industrial look, while maintaining an architectural flair.


( Stair with landings and small factory floor footprint )

Steel stair drawing



– Epoxy Enamel Against Galvanising

Technological advances have meant that todays hard-surface epoxy enamel paint finishes have become far and away the most popular choice, even eclipsing galvanising in external and extreme weather locations. This advance has not only provided for beautiful and durable stairs in these environments but has also effectively reduced the cost by up to 30% over galvanising.

Even industrial stairs are increasingly finished with epoxy enamel paint systems, again achieving significant savings and more often engineers and architects are specifying hard surface paint systems over galvanising as they seek to achieve more appealing and greater cost effectiveness for their customers.

MFB – Sydney Steel Stairs offer both hot-dipped galvanising and epoxy enamel paint finishes, or powder coat and we have wide range of designs to suit our customers needs


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